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Year in Review

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Well, that was a year! Despite the tech slowdown we moved faster than ever to deliver more and better features that make work faster, easier, and (hopefully) more enjoyable.

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By the numbers
Millions of Stories were created throughout the year by our ambitious users.
All of our customers finished what they started this year, completing 71% of their Stories.
More orgs than ever before started using our Teams features to organize their work.
40% of orgs are now using Docs, creating an average of 5,000 relationships per week between their work and planning.
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I’m incredibly proud of the work our team has put in to make Shortcut better than ever. Teams can now collaborate on plans in Shortcut Docs, use custom fields to better shape Shortcut to their work, and stay focused on their most important work with the Power Dock. And that’s nothing compared to what we have planned for 2023. Can’t wait to show you what’s coming soon!
Kurt Schrader
Co-founder, CEO at Shortcut


We shipped big features every month this year
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January 2022
Threaded Comments
We kicked off the year with Threaded Comments, which allowed for the creation of comment threads in Stories and anywhere else in Shortcut you're able to comment.

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Threaded Comments UI
February 2022
Custom Fields (v1)
Custom Fields add valuable, extra categorization to Stories via three common dimensions: Technical Area, Skill Set, or Product Area. This release set us up to launch Advanced Custom Fields mentioned later in this timeline.

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March 2022
VCS Integration Enhancements
We made our VCS Integrations even better with additional event handler settings, improved automation for pull requests, and more control over how your Stories are automatically tied to and updated by changes to your ongoing work.

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April 2022
Join our Discord!
Can't get enough of Shortcut? Our Discord Community was launched, allowing anyone and everyone to ask questions and get a behind-the-scenes look into better issue tracking and product planning.

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A huge plus in Shortcut’s favor is their pace of development. Milestones, reporting and numerous other improvements have all launched in the past few months. Their support team is also excellent!

John Smith, Head of Operations, Geckoboard

Geckoboard Logo
May 2022
Power Bar Enhancements
Why just use our default keyboard commands when you can create your own? Use CMD + K or CTRL + K to launch the Power Bar, hover over an existing command, then Edit or Add.

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Power Bar Gif
June 2022
Training Hub
Launched to expand and supplement our existing Help Center, The Training Hub provides training (of course!), best practices, tutorials, videos, and other education to help everyone get more from Shortcut.

Check out the Training Hub
Training Hub
July 2022
New Enhancements to our Zapier Integration!
Big enhancements to our Zapier integration provide access to Teams, Requesters, Followers, Iterations, Labels, Owner(s), Estimate(s), Due Dates, External Link(s), Comment(s), and Task(s).

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Zapier Integration
August 2022
Docs are here!
Our biggest launch of the year: Docs! 🥳

Docs can be directly linked to Stories, Epics, Milestones, Labels, and more. We believe that living documentation updated in real-time is the only kind that's truly valuable for collaboration and building great products.

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September 2022
We got a new coat of paint!
Hey look, our app now looks more streamlined and modern. And we've only just begun the work to optimize the experience for all users.
New Look
October 2022
Save time with Doc Templates
Doc Templates allow teams to quickly create consistent documentation with ready-to-use PRDs, retro docs, 1:1 templates, and more!

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Doc Templates
November 2022
Advanced Custom Fields
Advanced Custom Fields brought an update to the earlier edition of Custom Fields (mentioned above) allowing you to create your own fields and drop-down selections. Provide additional context to tasks and group similar tasks for easy viewing and filtering on different pages, standardize information you need to track across Stories, and sort or search by specific data fields on the Story Page.

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December 2022
Power Dock
Released just before this Year in Review, the Power Dock lets you pin Docs, Stories, Epics, Iterations, or Milestones so they're always ready and available for your reference.

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... and lots more...
Check out our Release Notes
This is just the tip of the iceberg! We launched new stuff every week this year, but we can't list it all or you'd be stuck scrolling through this page all day. Check out our Release Notes to see everything we released this year.
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