We Build Joy

We’re the Shortcut Engineering Team. We make Shortcut something that (hopefully) both you and we love to use. 

Our purpose

Let’s build better software, faster, and in a way more enjoyable way.

Our vision

It’s time to build the best tools to help software teams collaborate.

Our mission

To enable best-in-class execution  while facilitating transparent coordination.

Our Team Culture

Innovation. Machine learning. These are buzzwords that have nothing to do with our team culture. We are respectful, thoughtful, and empathetic, treating each other how we want to be treated. Read all about it on our blog. 

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Get to know the team.

Shortcut is based in New York, but our team is based all over the place. Learn about us below. 

👋 Hey Melissa

Hello there! I'm a Frontend Software Engineer working out of Denver, Colorado. I've been at Shortcut since May, 4th, 2020 (Star Wars Day!) and would give us a 10/10 on the awesome scale.

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✌️Hello Juan

Hey, Im Juan, a Frontend Software Engineer working at Shortcut since 2020. Currently me and my family are full time nomads travelling and living everywhere in the US.

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🙌 Howdy Jennifer

Hey girl, I'm a Frontend Software Engineer working with the Marketing team. I've been at Shortcut since 2020 and I'm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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We love to write. Here’s the proof. 

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Some of us have good taste in music. Some of us have questionable taste. Which of us is which? 

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